Norwegian company invented environmentally sustainable fish feed on farms


Norway is one of the top 10 countries as the largest commercial fish farmer. And Norway even sent a boat to hunt shrimp for food for Penquin and whale in the North Pole. To be used to produce fish feed on the farm

But now there are two Norwegian companies that are increasingly looking to feed their fish closer to home.

The research team at the Marine Research Institute believes that It is likely to be used as a new type of fish feed that can be used as a replacement for traditional fish feed.

Nina Silvia Leland, a researcher at slotxo the Aquafly Project, said insects are great because they can eat things that people cannot eat. Therefore, it can use what people cannot eat to feed insects. Which when insects eat it, it will turn into protein and fat Make insects have high nutritional value

The Aquafly Project team is also looking for other components. From the sea as well

Nina Silvia Leland, a researcher at the Aquafly Project, said the team used brown seaweed to feed the insects. Because he saw that if insects eat this type of algae as food The young larvae are high in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamin E and iodine. Which comes from seaweed and fish food made from insects, it has good nutritional value as well.

The CO2Bio start-up is also looking for marine plants to feed on fish. The company uses carbon dioxide from Norway's largest oil refinery to feed algae in its greenhouse.

Svein Nordvik, Managing Director of CO2Bio, said the company has taken carbon dioxide from its refinery to produce seaweed and biomass for the production of omega-3 fatty acids. Used in the fish farming industry Which is used as food for raising fish Which will become food for the next

Several clear pipes with warm sea water inside. It creates a perfect condition for algae to convert carbon dioxide into food using the same process as plant synthesis.

Researchers harvest algae raised in a green house. And then dried and processed As well as the worms of the long winged legs We can use waste to feed algae. Can use the reaction from the fish pond. Waste from urban areas That extracts nutrients and organic liquid substances In order to raise algae and down Which is a more sustainable method for fish feed production Without using raw materials that are human food

And alternative food sources for raising fish will help reduce the amount of fish and marine animals that are caught to feed on farm fish. Help shape the fish farming industry, the trade that plays a role in raising the mouth of the growing world population.