Coronavirus: Public transport use dropped by 90% in pandemic

Coronavirus: Public transport use dropped by 90% in pandemic


Public transport use in Northern Ireland dropped by more than 90% at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

More people are now using buses and trains but the numbers are still down - 60% lower than before
the pandemic.

Translink, which operates public transport in Northern Ireland, says specialist cleaning has been stepped up
since the virus struck in February.

In a message to the public, chief executive Chris Conway said: "We're ready for you when you're ready for us.

"We have a whole range of measures in place including PPE (personal protective equipment), and sanitisation
products which keep our surfaces clean on trains, buses and train stations for up to seven days.

"We feel if everyone takes the right approach, and wears a face covering, sanitises their hands, listens to all
the signage and guidance that we have, that public transport is still safe to use."

Services were reduced during the pandemic as passenger numbers started to fall.

"Numbers fell to about 10% of normal usage," said Mr Conway.

"We've seen steady growth through the summer and we're now at about 40% of what our normal usage
would be.

"We have about 80% of our network in place so we still have significant capacity there and opportunities for
people to use public transport."

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