Professional travel Do not lack these things!

During this weekend Who is planning to travel to other provinces? And prepare a suitcase. Tonkit360 has an important item for travelers to leave together To make the tourism professional
Cosmetic bag
If you have to work, travel a lot or like to travel Cosmetic bag It is something that must always be prepared. Be it a woman or a man Because in the bag, besides having a small set of portable cosmetics such as a comb, pub powder, lipstick, skin care cream or eyebrow pencil You can add a toothbrush set, toothpaste for travel. Paper towel Body deodorant spray Including underwear for (In the event that you are traveling for more than 12 hours, changing your underwear will make you feel more comfortable.) This cosmetic bag will become a bag that will make you walk out of the airport. Or train station While you still look good Not as worn as someone who had to sleep all night.
Travel pillow
Many travelers or tourists are often overlooked. Pillow for travel Because felt that it was a difficult baggage But if you have to travel for at least 6 hours and have to sit on your neck in economy class seats on the plane. Would be a very unsightly matter The travel pillow is designed to support your neck and will allow you to sit in a small space. Whether it's on a bus, train, or plane without much difficulty
Travel blanket
It is believed that many people already know that the blankets that are distributed on planes or on buses are not very cleaned. Bringing a travel blanket Currently being produced in a variety of brands, lightweight, but able to keep warm very well is something you should have in your bag. This is because the weather on the plane, on the train or on a tour bus is all adjusted below the normal temperature. For the comfort of a large number of passengers
Skin care cream
For travel products This could be in a makeup bag, or you could take it apart. And I must say that it is not just body cream, but also facial cream. Because the time is in the cabin, which has been adjusted to a temperature lower than normal It will dry the surrounding air and affect your skin. Therefore, carrying a moisturizer is essential.

Water bottle or travel flask
Having a water bottle or flask Not meant just for This allows you to save money on สล็อต168 expensive water at the airport alone. But the long journey should sip regularly. To prevent the body from becoming dehydrated In most airlines Water will be served to passengers for times and if you need water other than when serving meals. May ask from the receptionist to make it feel more complicated Therefore, carrying your own water bottle Will make you feel very comfortable (If you carry a flask No need to add water from the house. At every airport there is a service point for drinking water to passengers. When you have passed the baggage inspection Gradually go to add water at the above point Because you can bring that water bottle on the plane)
Energy Bar
If you ever had to face an event The "delay machine" is an hour and you check in to the gate. With no food or drink available, you can think of an Energy Bar, a cereal meal that provides energy and can help alleviate hunger. Even though I didn't eat while waiting for the plane, I might have eaten while you were traveling and faced with heavy traffic. So set aside Was not damaged
Many people may say that it is out of date for this era with a smart phone. You want to write down anything, just write it down on your smartphone. But the reality is Writing with pen and paper will make you remember and think more, and most of all, it will make it easier for you to read information than on a smartphone. Now, someone will continue to ask, what do you do with your notebook when traveling? The answer is very easy. Because if you have to travel longer than 6 hours You'll have time to sit down, think and organize the projects you want to work on, and in moments like this when ideas soar, you can jot down everything in a notebook, or even use that notebook. To write down the text or details of the places of interest in the destination you are traveling to.