How to buy "pork" to be safe for health

Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Suggest how to buy pork with a natural red color, press it with your finger to see the meat will be flexible, no dimples, and must not have a clear white pellet like sago From certified sources for fresh market standards or from a seal on slaughtered animal skins certified by the Department of Livestock Development
How to choose frozen pork / pork on the market
1. Choose meat that is stored in a cabinet or freezer that is below -18 degrees Celsius.
2. Must have a label showing name-type of food Production / packing date Expiration date and place of manufacture / packing
3. Before cooking frozen meat, take it out and place it in a regular compartment. In order to have a cooling off Do not bring frozen food into hot water. Will decrease the value
4. Pork kept cold all the time. It must have a natural red color, no bruising the blood, no bad smell. เล่นสล็อต There is no white crystal like sago beads. Because it is a tapeworm larva
5. Pork does not have any other abnormalities such as blisters, lumps, skin that are not too dry or too wet with greasy water.
6. Buy pork or products from certified sources, fresh market standards, worth buying or reliable sources. Or notice the seal on the slaughtered hides from the slaughterhouse certified by the Department of Livestock Development.