Can a "heavy bike ride" actually cause my urine to become bloody?


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Anyone who has been riding a bicycle ดาวน์โหลด slotxo for a long time Or an avid cyclist Should have felt more or less "hurt" around his younger sister and younger sister Because bicycle seats are often reasonably stiff Plus receiving shocks while driving Again, the riding style may be a posture that is not suitable for long, comfortable sitting.

Pain or ache that gets after riding a bicycle What effect on the organ in that area Until the danger of urine is blood at all or not? Sanook Health has the answer from Asst. Prof. (Special), MD. Min. From Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society

Can heavy "cycling" really cause my urine to become bloody?
Cycling There may be parts that actually cause bloody urine. Due to bloody urine, trauma to the urethra or prostate It is caused by being pressed continuously on the bicycle saddle for a long time.

How to ride a bicycle safely Not harmful to the body
Choose a bicycle saddle and adjust the height to suit the rider's physique.

Adjust the bicycle saddle slightly up front. To reduce pressure on the urethra And prostate

If the urine is bloody. Should temporarily refrain from riding a bicycle The bleeding often bleeds a small amount. And disappear within 3 daysUrinary symptoms must be clearly related to cycling. Without other symptoms Not following the accident And should disappear by itself after 3 days of stopping riding in other cases Need to see a doctor immediately To look for other causes of blood in the urine, such as gallstones, cancer, kidney diseaseDrink enough water at least 2 liters per day and get enough sleep.