Consult an online therapist (Teletherapy) Can it really be done?


In today's era where technology is involved in the field of communication. It is considered that it makes us more comfortable, especially consulting an online therapist. Related to matters of mental health Because most of the time, people who are faced with this problem do not want to be exposed to large numbers of people. To make you worry how much, today there is a good solution to seek advice from doctors who can actually come and leave everyone to know each other.

Understand the Let's talk to a therapist online.
Request for advice Or talk to your doctor online (Teletherapy) is considered a very convenient therapy. Because most people spend so much time in their daily life that they don't have enough time for them to meet with a doctor in a hospital directly.

In which to join and chat with experts Or a therapist online Most often they come in the form of counseling on a variety of mental health issues identified by topic category in the applications the technology developers have built. It also allows the patient to manually select the doctor including the date and time specified in the application.In addition, some applications give you the option to talk to your doctor in a simple voice. Or video call To reduce symptoms of anxiety in being encountered It can be said that it is a new advanced communication that responds to life in today's society quite a lot.

Pros and cons to Consult an online therapist
Most research suggests that talking Or seek advice from a therapist online As effective as meeting face to face Because it is like a cognitive behavioral therapy That therapists are popularly used to build awareness of mental health patients. But switched from talking face to face to talking on online channels instead More importantly, this treatment technique has other advantages that all users are very satisfied with, namely…

It cuts down on some expenses such as travel expenses, medical expenses, but there may still be a small expense to be paid for each application. Or the doctor has specified
Increase the privacy of patients in consulting the doctor. Or even more experts
Has been cared for thoroughly enough Because some people are unable to travel. Or have enough time to go directly to the doctor fold in the hospital
Improved mental and physical health As you know, with COVID-19 outbreaks nowadays, going outside is quite a risk. As a result, some people have turned to applications that can talk to the doctor more. Even at home Or at work
As for the disadvantages It could be in a matter of ineffective technical communication. Or being interrupted by your internet connection Until making a therapist And the patients had a hard time communicating with each other. And may communicate distorted from the original meaning that they want to convey


How to consult an online therapist? Give you the information you want
Of course, the patient or the caregiver around the person who is experiencing mental health problems. All have questions in the mind that they want to consult To resolve any problems that occur, you should be prepared by a list of questions that need answers in advance. Along with a note-taking paper

In addition, before the time of the appointment to communicate via online channels. You should be in place Or a calm environment No noise all around And please use an accessory like headphones Along with checking the internet signal in advance So as not to cause spotty contact during the doctor And your therapist is giving you advice on how to fix your mental health problems.

How convenient is it to consult an online therapist? But if there is a serious mental health case that causes physical harm and self harm And people around You should hurry to bring the patient to treatment immediately. In order to prevent the initial dangers that we cannot predict in the future And to prevent potentially fatal loss as well

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