British researchers test "Breath analyzer" detects cancer


Experts point out that many diseases produce a unique body odor that emanates from a patient's body, such as typhoid fever, which causes the patient to smell like baked bread. With the smell of acetone used in nail polish remover As well as the rotten apple smell caused by diabetes

The latest research also found that Your breath may also help you tell if you are suffering from cancer.

And to test this hypothesis Cancer Research UK has launched a two-year test of a slotxo cancer analyzer called the Breath Biopsy to detect molecules released with the breath. Which is used to detect cancer

In the body's metabolism that works normally The body produces molecules that come out with breath aerosols called VOC (volatile organic compounds), and experts believe that cancer produces VOC molecules as well, but looks different from normal human bodies. The researchers hope that a breath analyzer will help differentiate this.

Billy Boyle, co-founder and CEO of Owlstone Medical, who invented and developed the breath analyzer, told CNN the goal of the experiment was to find the difference between normal VOC molecules and this unusual type. Get

The human trial is being conducted by the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Center and is currently recruiting 1,500 volunteers, including people in good health, to support the study. As a control group

The research team is planning to begin a trial with a group of patients with primary gastric and esophageal cancer. Followed by a group of patients with prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer. Liver and pancreas cancer

Participants in the experiment were to blow their breaths into the breath analyzer for 10 minutes to obtain a molecular sample in the aerosol. This will be analyzed by a team of researchers in the Owlstone Medical laboratory in London.

The work team is looking for a way to determine that How does cancer have a different smell or molecule in the breath? And how quickly can cancer be discovered in its early stages? And if the patient will actually become cancer Can a patient's breath sample be used to compare with a sample from someone without cancer?

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, lead researcher at the British Cancer Research Center. At the city of Sharp Bridge Said in a statement that It is essential to accelerate the development of new devices such as the breath analyzer. Which helps detect and diagnose cancer early This will give the patient a chance to survive.

British Cancer Research Center pointed out that There are over 360,000 new cancer cases every year in the UK. And the World Health Organization or WHO reports that on a global level, there are 18 million 1 new cases of cancer in the past year.

If this human experiment is successful, both Owlstone Medical and Cancer Research Center hope that The doctor will be able to use this breath analyzer to examine the patient. To assist in deciding whether to be recommended for further cancer screening or not

Professor Fitzgerald said the team hopes the trial will help uncover signs of cancer as it is in its early stages. This is a very important step in the development of breath cancer screening technology.