Covid: How Scotland reached 5,000 deaths during the pandemic

Covid: How Scotland reached 5,000 deaths during the pandemic


There have now been เกมสล็อตออนไลน์ more than 5,000 deaths in Scotland linked to Covid-19, according to official figures.

The National Records of Scotland (NRS), which counts all death certificates which mention the virus, said 5,135 people had died as
of 15 November, up from 4,857 the week before.

The sheer number of deaths is enough to underline the impact that the pandemic has had on Scotland, but what do we know of
the complex picture behind this figure?

The deaths have come in two waves
In the spring, the number of deaths per week from Covid-19 accelerated very quickly.

Between 16-22 March there were 11 deaths. Just four weeks later, 650 deaths were recorded between 13-19 April.

Deaths peaked in the week beginning 20 April, when 661 Covid deaths were recorded.

The number of new deaths from Covid-19 stabilised over the summer, but the weekly totals began to rise again in September.

In the first week of September, there were just two deaths using the NRS measure - last week there were 278 and there is no
sign yet of the rate beginning to decrease.

Excess deaths from all causes are high
There are two main ways of counting deaths from Covid-19.

The Scottish government releases daily figures of those who died following a positive test, and the NRS counts death certificates
mentioning Covid-19 - even if the person has not been tested for the virus.

But the NRS also publishes monthly figures on excess deaths from all causes, compared with a five-year average.

As of 15 November, there had been 5,738 more deaths than would be expected since the start of the outbreak in Scotland,
when measured against this average.