Smoking and the potential harm to the fetus


Smoking while pregnant is a serious threat to both the smoker and the unborn child. joker123 Because cigarettes contain harmful substances like nicotine Carbon monoxide and tar can have serious effects on the health of the unborn baby, so understanding the dangers of smoking while pregnant is important. To help the baby to be healthy after birth.

Smoking while pregnant How is it dangerous to the fetus?
Smoking while pregnant or before pregnancy increases the risk of life-threatening complications for the unborn baby. The complications that may arise are as follows

A miscarriage is the loss of an embryo within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.
Ectopic pregnancy This is a condition in which the egg is fertilized with sperm and becomes an embryo implantation in a location other than the uterine wall. Making the embryo unable to grow into infants
Placental abruption This is a condition in which the placenta partially or completely peels off the uterus of a pregnant woman before the baby is born. Resulting in the fetus lack of oxygen and nutrients Which can be fatal
Placenta accreta A condition in which the placenta closes or covers part of the cervix or completely When it's time to give birth The cervix will open and expand. The blood vessels that connect the placenta and cervix are torn.
Premature birth It is an open cervix that results from uterine contraction and enlargement before the 37th week of pregnancy. In general, a full term pregnancy takes 37-40 weeks.
Stillbirth is a condition in which a baby dies early in the womb. The condition may occur during the gestation period of more than 20 weeks.
Smoking can also make the baby not get enough oxygen. Have low birth weight Increased infant heart rate As well as may affect other health problems such as congenital Have problems with the respiratory system And may be sick and suffer from death in children

Can secondhand smoke affect the unborn baby?
In addition to the dangers of smoking while pregnant Exposure to secondhand smoke during pregnancy may also be one of the reasons the unborn baby is at risk for a number of health problems. Whether it is having low birth weight Congenital Including other complications that may arise during pregnancy such as stillbirth

How to quit smoking effectively?
Pregnant or planning pregnant women who continue to smoke should quit smoking immediately. And avoid the inhalation of secondhand smoke By following the instructions as follows

Keep all smoking-related accessories out of reach such as matches and lighters.
Seeking cooperation from close people Smoking is not allowed in the residence, work, vehicle and the surrounding area.
Avoid places where people smoke. And not in the smoking area
Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Because in addition to being directly harmful to the unborn baby, it may also encourage the mother to feel like smoking.
Try to change your smoking-related behaviors, such as smoking while driving or when you feel stressed. They may choose to do other activities such as walking, exercise, reading, or pursuing other hobbies.
Additionally, mothers can get advice from a staff at a smoking cessation service center by calling 1600 or consulting a doctor in a hospital with a smoking cessation clinic. To learn and understand the correct way to quit smoking

The health of the fetus may not be harmed. And there is a chance of giving birth to full and healthy if the mother is able to quit smoking for at least 1 month before pregnancy. However, those who smoke and just know they are pregnant should quit smoking and go See your doctor for accurate advice immediately. Including should regularly undergo a pregnancy health check to check for abnormalities of the fetus.