"Vegan" beginners should choose - what kind of food should they avoid?


There are many types of "vegan" foods. But most of them tend to focus on eating vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Do not eat meat Dairy products and eggs That vegan diet If eating properly Considered a form of eating foods that provide a high nutritional สล็อต value. Contribute to reducing the risk of chronic disease And can also help you lose weight

Hello Doctor, I have great information for those who are vegan. That started the vegan diet Which food should be chosen And what kind of food should be avoided

What is vegan eating?
The Vegan Diet is a plant-only diet. Vegans will avoid eating foods that contain meat products, including dairy products and eggs. For some vegans, avoid eating honey-based foods.

For some people, being vegan is a dining option. But for some people it is a lifestyle choice. Causing some vegans to choose not to use clothes Soaps and other products That use or contain animal ingredients such as animal skins, fur, or use animals in cosmetic experiments

However, those who eat vegan food There should be a good diet plan. In order to get all the nutrients For example, these nutrients include iron, protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.