Stussy: from surfboards to old-school streetwear brands


When it comes to “streetwear,” one of the brands that often pops up at the top. It has always become a symbol of this fashion culture, and it must have been named "STUSSY", a famous brand from California. The United States is included in it.

Which is not uncommon Because this is a street wear brand that is over 40 years of history. And when compared to other streetwear brands, Stussy is truly the "big brother".

Although everyone is familiar with the Stussy, few people know that their origin is from surfboards. One of the most popular American outdoor sports.

California surfers
To tell the story of the Stussy brand, it must be started with a man named Shawn Stussy (Shawn Stussy). He was born in 1954 in Southern California, USA. Can say that from the opening of the eyes to see the world His surroundings, wherever he looked, were wind, sand, and sunlight, all of which have shaped him in his love of outdoor sports since he can remember. Especially skiing and surfing.


Shawn first started surfing at the age of 10, and just three years later, he had a surfboard he himself produced and designed inside a small garage. Behind his house, Shawn discovered his own way of life as a kid.

Shawn didn't wait to follow that path steadily. After he สล็อต graduated from high school, Shawn decided not to go to university. Instead, he chose to work at the big surfboard manufacturer Russell Surfboard alongside becoming a ski instructor at Mammoth Mountain, and when he was free, he wasn't too late to carry his favorite surfboard. Come surf at Laguna Beach.

In addition to the surf board Another thing that Shawn was fascinated with was the punk rock genre. Which contains content about the social rebellious lifestyle Not interested in others During that time, he decided to dye his entire head orange. In which he defined his actions briefly as "anarchy in the way of life."

Shawn lived that way until 1979, from a young boy, Shawn had grown into a 24-year-old and now he thinks he has learned things. With enough experience at Russell Surfboard, he is ready to move on.

Shawn decided to quit his regular job to start a small business. Own Which is nothing other than designing your own surf board. And sold at Laguna Beach, home to the top surfboarders in the West Coast.