9 hugging styles guys should know


Hugging has meaning in itself. And each form of hug has its meaning and is used for different occasions. Although hugging is a western tradition But we, asians, can also use hugs to express our feelings. Which kind of hug can be used in what situations? Let's see

- A close hug has 2 meanings: hug with love and longing. And hugs to encourage or show compassion But nowadays, people tend to think of this kind of hug only in a romantic sense.

- hugs from behind Can mean that I will protect you This hug from the back is very popular with women because it gives her a feeling of security and peace of mind. It also gives a feeling that you can be confident and trusting in you.

- A-Shape hug is often used with people you just know. Not very close Because it was only a moment of hugging There wasn't much body attachment. It is generally a courtesy hug only for greetings.

- hug back Can convey Trust in each other Because the back is a sensitive area Hence, the back-stroking hug will give you a feeling of care that the other person sends to you.


- hugs from the side Most of the time, this type of hug is used with family or friends. It's a hug to encourage It will wrap the other person's waist or shoulder. To share or exchange strength Including encouragement

- Dance hug with one partner around the waist and the other person around the neck. Looks like a couple dancing together It is a hug that represents a sweet and deep relationship. In most cases, it is a couple or a couple who use this type of hug to create a romantic everyday life.

- Eye hugs indicate the love that the two have had in abundance and clarity. As the saying goes The eyes are the windows of the heart. Being able to hug and look at your partner's eyes at the same time feels like The whole world is just you and your lover.

- Whole body hug Usually happens with couples เกมสล็อตฟรี who have not met for a long time or will see each other for a long time. With great joy, jumped in to hug each other. Generally speaking, men are the ones who have to bear the weight of the women who rush into it. But let me tell you that This kind of hug all women seem to love.

- Snuggle hugs Most of them are new lovers. Young people who just flirt with each other Or couples in general In which both sides will lingerly embrace Like not wanting to be separated Of course, this kind of hug can add a lot of sweetness and romance to a relationship.

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