7 ways to suppress hunger: really effective and good for your health

We believe that many people will suffer from the problem of eating continuously. Hungry all day I want to eat that all the time. Which the hunger or appetite that arises In addition to adversely affecting health, such as weight gain. It also affects your daily life. Some people may be very hungry to the point that if they do not eat they can not concentrate to work. When you know that Excess hunger is more harmful than good, so let's try how to quell hunger. Cut down your appetite for these foods with Hello Doctor, they are guaranteed to work and are good for your health.
How to curb hunger Without losing health
1. Drink water before eating every meal.
Drinking a large glass of water A glass before each meal It will help you feel full faster. And being pregnant Until feeling less hungry after eating finished One study of 50 overweight women found that drinking 1.5 liters of water per day for 8 weeks helped reduce appetite. Cause weight loss It also helps reduce body fat as well.
2. Eat more high-fiber foods.
Another way to curb hunger that you should not miss is. Eating more foods rich in fiber or fiber Because fiber is harder to digest than other foods Thus allowing us to stay pregnant longer And feeling hungry more slowly The foods that are high in fiber and good for the health we would recommend are whole grains, nuts, apples, avocados, almonds, chia seeds, green leafy vegetables.
3. But be warned before that Do not eat only fiber. Because if the body gets too much fiber It may cause health problems such as indigestion.
4. Eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.
For anyone who is a chocolate lover We recommend that you eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Or chocolate with sugar Because dark chocolate can help reduce appetite. Or better suppress hunger In one study, it was found that People who eat dark chocolate as a snack Will eat less of the next meal than someone who eats milk chocolate

5. Try not to stress.
People tend to eat more when stressed, sad, or anxious. With the results of several research studies confirming that Stress can make people crave food, eat more or less, or eat less nutritious food, so if you want to eat less and not often hungry, a simple solution is to keep your stress under control. With enough rest Have some social interaction Don't just be alone And make sure you do activities that relieve stress, such as watching movies, listening to music, meditating.
6.Exercise before eating
Exercise has a positive effect on overall health. Including helping to quell hunger And food cravings too The results of more than 20 studies found that exercise. Especially high-intensity exercise Or, hitting exercise (HIIT) can help reduce your appetite right after you finish. This is because it reduces the level of ghrelin hormone or the hunger hormone. And enhances satiety hormones such as Peptide YY (Peptide YY or PYY), GLP-1 hormone (Glucagon-like peptide-1; GLP-1)
7. Start your meal with soup or boil.
Experts recommend that Eating bone soup Or vegetable soup, both hot and cold Before starting to slotxo eat the main course It can help you eat less And can reduce your appetite But you have to choose the soup wisely. Do not eat cream or soups that are high in fat. Should focus on eating soups or foods such as low-calorie, high-fiber boil, such as Tom Yum, Chicken Breast, Clear Soup, Mixed Vegetables, Clear Tomato Soup, Pork Bone Soup, etc.
Decreased appetite By eating more protein
Foods rich in protein It will help you feel full longer. Eat less of the next meal. It also helps reduce body fat as well. By research studies on weight loss That compares to eating 2 types of breakfast:
1.Eat eggs for breakfast
2. Eat a bagel for breakfast.
In an 8-week study, it was found that the group who ate eggs for breakfast lost 65% and body fat by 16%.
Eating more protein foods In addition to helping to curb hunger Can reduce appetite already It can also help prevent muscle wasting that often occurs when you lose weight.

You know? Same calorie food But may affect the body differently


For the weight loss line by counting calories. May have wondered if If eating food with the same number of calories Let's say that one avocado and 1 small cup of ice cream give your body the same energy. So we can eat ice cream, right or not?

But in fact Food we eat Even though they give the body the same amount of energy But affect the body differently
Therefore, for people who are on a diet. The type of food you eat is important. It's not just the amount of energy or calories that can be obtained from food alone.

The right calories For people who are in the weight loss phase
For the most part, men are at 1600-2200 Kcal, women are 1400-1800 Kcal, and choose a high fiber diet. Cut down on animal fat foods Less flour and sugar Opt for low-fat protein Unrefined flour And exercise regularly It will help you lose weight effectively.

You can lose weight without caring for calories.
More importantly than counting calories Is to choose the right food As mentioned above If eating the right type of food And the number that is not too great Along with taking care of the body with regular exercise. Ensure you can lose weight without the need to strictly ทางเข้าslotxo count calories. Looking at the calorie count of foods before eating can also have advantages in controlling the energy intake from food more easily. But may not need to be very strict.