3 things you need to know! Pregnant mothers with exercise to be safe


If the girls were women who loved exercising before But during the period of having to carry out the duties of carrying children Becoming a pregnant mother From those who used to exercise hard Must stop Turned to sit and take care of himself more, but actually in the stomach Exercise is essential that should not be overlooked. But exercise behavior is different from the normal range. Who is a new mother? Still don't know how to exercise to keep the baby in the womb safe. Let's take a look at how to exercise to be safe for both mother and baby.


1. Do not overdo exercise. Or too severe
What people should be aware of the most is Try not to expose your body to frequent or severe shocks. To prevent harm to the unborn baby Therefore, the types of sports that should be avoided in exercise are Rope skipping, basketball, tennis, or any sport that tightens the abdominal muscles, such as sit-ups.

If your mother really wants to exercise Choose the type of sport that is not violent. By avoiding the physical force that has a lot of impact back Walking in the park is recommended, biking, swimming, aerobic, or yoga. Which these sports are not overactive sports It is safe for both mother and baby as well.


2. Do not exercise until the pulse beats more than 120 times per minute.
If your mother is too tired Or you can feel that your pulse is over 120 beats per minute during exercise. Even if it is a proper posture Using the method of holding the pulse to the index finger Middle and ring fingers Tap on your wrist and perform the pulse count. If the pulse is fast, take a break from the activity completely, as the body expels more waste into the bloodstream than normal. And less blood to feed the uterus Which does not affect the unborn baby and may cause harm to both the mother and the baby

3. The right time to exercise the stomach.
If the first 3 months have passed and the mother has no morning sickness, she can exercise normally. But that kind of sport should not be overdoing. You still have to be in a light position as before, but add a little more intensity. And if the first 3 months have passed Mother will be more comfortable. As the symptoms of morning sickness fade after 4 months, exercise is an easier time. And safe for the baby Before approaching childbirth, the added care must be returned to light exercise again.

Just as it will help the mother to exercise during pregnancy is not difficult. But be careful in the way you play Be careful as mentioned above. And have the discipline to take care of yourself regularly It will help to get good health for both mother and child. Certifying that it is absolutely safe and worry-free

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