How to use "contact lenses" properly to reduce the risk of disease.


Contact lenses are very popular these days. Since contact lenses are manufactured slotxo That has a variety of colors and can increase the size of the black eye. Causing many people, especially girls Turned to contact lenses For more beauty But as you all know Contact lenses are not just in color. But there are also clear ones for people with myopia, astigmatism and long as well.

Contact lenses or contact lenses (Contact Lens) is a product made from polymers. Or other material That looks like a sheet to cover the cornea To correct eye disorders Or wear for beauty And other purposes

In this regard, when purchasing contact lenses and wearing them Whether it is a color or a clear one Should be advised by an ophthalmologist first. In order to know how to wear And how to take care of it right Because if an infection occurs, it can lead to blindness. So be careful And study the various prohibitions and practices To wear contact lenses for good

Contraindications for using contact lenses

Do not share contact lenses with other people, do not wear contact lenses over the period of validity. (Age after first use) Do not use contact lenses. If the container is damaged Or opened before use. Precautions for using contact lenses. Use of contact lenses. Should be ordered and examined Follow up every year by an ophthalmologist Or a medical practitioner based on optometry only People with abnormal eye conditions such as pterygium, redness, cornea, decreased sensitivity, dry eyes, incomplete blinking. Should not use contact lenses, should use a new contact lens remover. And change the soaked contact lens solution every time Even without wearing contact lenses Should change the new solution in the cartridge every day, the contact lens cartridge should be replaced every three months, wash your hands, wash the soap thoroughly every time Before touching contact lenses, you should not wear them at bedtime. Even if it's a sleeping type, you shouldn't wear contact lenses. While bathing or swimming This can lead to an eye infection if symptoms occur, such as severe eye pain or pain. With photosensitivity, blurred vision, watery eyes, or red eyes Stop using contact lenses immediately. And quickly see an eye doctor