Get to know "Algae Curtain", a new innovation to solve environmental problems.


The algae veil, called biocurtains, is a semi-engineering, environmental and semi-art invention. The uniquely designed curtains are filled with algae that help absorb carbon and release oxygen.

The algae curtain can also be a small element. In engineering Which helps slotxo in matters of severe climate change as well

Green bio gel is living algae. Which lives mainly by carbon And helps to release oxygen into the atmosphere The green gel is pumped into a curtain hung on an outdoor wall.

Marco Poletto from ecoLogicStudio Who pumps green gel into this curtain said Cyanobacteria A small seaweed Small cells This is a very powerful photosynthesis machine. They convert energy from the sun and capture carbon dioxide, particles and gases in the air and entrust them with themselves.

And that biogel in the amount of one square meter can absorb 31 grams of carbon per day and release 24 grams of oxygen per day.

Poletto and colleagues say the carbon is not just stored. But it is also transformed into biomass for use in health food, such as in the beauty industry, pharmaceutical industry, or for energy use.

But this bio-gel, once put in the curtain, doesn't last forever. Ie it has to be replaced every two weeks.

This seaweed curtain has been installed in many buildings in Europe. And it was shown at a technology exhibition in Paris.

The company can build custom-sized curtains anywhere from $ 300 to $ 2,000, depending on the size of the area.

Re: Get to know "Algae Curtain", a new innovation to solve environmental problems.

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