Craving for "dessert" due to lack or "want" sugar?


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The hot weather in our home ดาวน์โหลด slotxo may make you want to drink something refreshing. And many people are always looking for high-sugar drinks such as carbonated drinks, because in addition to the tingling, it will refresh us instantly. Sugar in the drink It also gives us more power in an instant. But every time we want to drink Or eating sweet food Is it because our bodies really need energy from sugar, or is it just "craving" sugar?

Sugar Rush is the English word for sugar cravings. Or sweet food Came up suddenly With the belief that When the body needs sugar Signaling symptoms of "craving" to eat sweet food because the body is tired And need energy to perform various activities Later in the day So we turned to pick up sweet food To eat and will feel refreshed animated Ready for various activities On that day for a long time But in fact, the "craving" of sweet food may not always be the result of the fatigue of the body to the need for sugar immediately.

Konstantinos Mantantzi, neuroscientist, Humboldt University in Berlin. Germany revealed that

“The belief in this story reminds me of the consumption of carbohydrates, making children more cheerful and energetic. Which is completely incorrect belief "

An analysis of Konstantinos Mantantzi and fellow researchers published in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews revealed the effects of consuming carbohydrates or sugar on emotional states. To the emotional state of consumers You may also feel more tired after consuming carbohydrates for the first hour.

“We hope that the results of this analysis will help remove some of the 'craving' belief in sugar, because it is still a symptom that scientific results have proven to be false. It also negatively affects the emotional state later. Therefore, consuming less sugar It is an important first step in the development of emotional states. And the quality of being in life for the better "

Therefore, you should explore your own symptoms for good that Are craving for sweet food Full of sugar Because I really felt lack of energy Or just because "want" delicious drinks or snacks only for people with diabetes should consult their doctor to control sugar levels to be normal. Know when to Or what should not be eaten If you realize that you want to eat sweet food Because just really wanted You may try to turn to energy foods, but not sweet. Or less sweet, such as skinless, lean meats, nuts, yogurt, natural flavors Or a cup of warm seaweed tofu soup