4 idioms about disclosure of secrets


It is said that everyone has a secret that cannot be shared with anyone. But what if one day the matter is red? How will it be? Today we have a few expressions about disclosure of secrets. Let's try and see how you can speak in English.

Spill the beans
Does this idiom have anything to do with peas? Not at all. Don't get it wrong. Spill the beans means revealing a secret. To introduce matters that should be confidential, for example:

They tortured me to spill the beans about what you did last summer.

He forced me to tell you a secret about what you did last summer.

Open secret
This idiom is used to refer to A secret that is already known Or matters that few people should know But in fact, there are a lot of people who know it, for example

It is an open secret that he is looking for a new job. Only their friends are supposed to know, but in fact, the whole company knows.

It's not a secret The story that he is looking for a new job This should only be known to his friends. But he actually knows the whole company

Give the game away
If you give the game away, you accidentally tell others a secret or a plan.

She hoped nobody would recognize her at the Halloween party, but her friend gave the game away.

She hoped that no one would recognize her at the Halloween party. But her friend broke the plan

Let cat out of the bag
This expression, if translated directly, means letting the cat out of the bag / sack. Which means Unintentionally revealing a secret Or accidentally leaked a secret Let's look at some example sentences like

We’d planned a surprise party for grandpa, but my brother let the cat out of the bag, so now he knows.

We work hard to plan a surprise birthday to my grandfather. But my brother's secret is revealed. Now your grandfather knows.

The deposit is also part of the idioms used when the secret is revealed. Either on purpose or not These expressions can be useful in conversation, making you look more professional in communication. However, do not forget that there is no secret in the world. If you want to know that next time we will have something interesting to leave each other. Do not forget to follow.

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