8 ways to reduce the risk of hypothyroidism "Heart Failure" in the New Normal era


Patients with heart failure It is necessary to adapt to the New Normal approach in order to be safe from illness and have the same health as normal people.
Professor Roongroj Krittayaphong, MD, Cardiologist Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University Advise that "For patients with heart failure It needed to be adapted to the new normal era guidelines. In order to be safe from illness and have the same health as normal people as possible. This is because people with underlying heart disease are five times more likely to die than ordinary people if infected with the new coronavirus. "

8 easy ways to take care of it Initial for patients at risk of cardiovascular disease
Choose how to access medical services online. (Telemedicine) to help reduce สล็อต congestion. And the contact of people who come to use the service at a medical facility Which is the use of technology to enhance medical services That help patients receive care And monitor health continuously And with travel restrictions And maintaining social distance has become the new norm for living together in society.

Patients and people at risk of cardiovascular disease can spend their time in the residence. In doing creative activities that promote good physical health, such as regular exercise Whether it is walking exercise Standing, swinging and hanging for at least 20 minutes at a time, this can help reduce the risk of heart disease. And blood pressure etc.

Choosing a diet that is healthy and appropriate for patients at risk of cardiovascular disease is another way to improve heart health. Now, ordering ready-to-eat meals through a delivery service has become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 epidemic. People at risk also need to pay more attention to making healthy food choices.

Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, such as avoiding fried, salty foods, and eating fruits and vegetables such as legumes, spinach, tomatoes, grapes, pomegranates, apples, etc.

Maintain your mood By relaxation or meditation practice to relieve anxiety and disturbance of the mind Or even avoiding news consumption Especially from online channels too Can reduce the occurrence of symptoms

Should do more activities or communicate with the family. To fulfill the need for socializing in times of retreat from the outside society during this epidemic.

When having to leave the accommodation to meet with people outside Protect yourself from the risk of infection. By wearing a mask or a standard cloth mask. And always clean your hands

Important for patients with cardiovascular disease Avoid direct or indirect exposure to cigarette smoke. It will take care of our hearts to be healthy in this new normal age as well.