"Tissue paper" in the "toilet" misplaced it may risk germs.


Have you ever wondered? What kind of toilet paper should I put in the bathroom? I believe that this question should have stuck in many people's hearts. And there should be some debate about which is more suitable and suitable for use.

Scientifically The slotxo correct way to do this is to insert the tissue so that the paper can be pulled from above. Instead of tissue with paper on the bottom Or is the part that is next to the bathroom wall

Wear the right way to help with hygiene.
The main reason to put the tissue upside down so that it can be pulled from above is directly related to hygiene. Because putting the tissues with the paper on the same side as the bathroom wall This will increase the chance of spreading bacteria from the bathroom to different places.

The results of a study by the University of Colorado found that in public toilets, both men and women. There are 19 groups of bacteria on the floor of the faucet handle. Toiletries and hand soap dispensers where bacteria can spread by contact with contaminated surfaces.

"E. coli", the culprit of "food poisoning"
The bacteria found in public toilets are “E. coli” that live in the intestinal tract of both humans and animals. Contaminated with feces When unclean hands come into contact with such bacteria And took the food into his mouth Thus causing food poisoning symptoms

Tissue paper can also be a reservoir for such bacteria. Since the time to use must be touched with fingers as well, so if the tissue is loaded correctly with the paper on top It will help reduce the spread of germs.

The reason for this is Because while we pull the tissues for use Only fingers will touch the toilet paper. Before throwing in the trash Or thrown into the toilet bowl (In the case of easily degradable paper)

On the other hand, if you put the tissue on your back Which the paper will be on the side next to the bathroom wall The chances of your fingers touching or hitting a wall are highly likely. That means We could leave bacterial pathogens along the walls. When people continue to use the bathroom And also use toilet paper Therefore, there is a risk of being exposed to bacteria on the walls before touching the toilet seat. Toilet seat cover and other parts in the toilet too