“Ear infection” should be treated immediately before it affects hearing.


Warn that ear infections result in permanent hearing loss. If slotxo you find any abnormal symptoms, you should see a doctor.How are ear infections treated Narong Apikulvanich, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services and a spokesman for the Department of Medical Services, said many people may have ear pain. Which is an inflammation of the outer or middle ear by inflammation of the outer ear is the auricle and ear canal Usually caused by picking up the ears, causing ulcers and causing subsequent inflammation.
Ear infection
People with ear infections will have the following symptoms.
Ear pain, especially when holding or pulling your ear
Swollen ears
There is water flowing from the ear
Decreased hearing

Often these symptoms are associated with colds.
In the case of young children and school age, otitis media may develop.

May have a fever

Eat less food


Decreased hearing

Pus may drain from the ear

If the infection spreads into the inner ear, it can lead to permanent hearing loss and perforation of the eardrum.

How to treat ear infections Ear infections can be cured within 1-2 weeks, Dr. Somkiat Lalitwongsa, Director of Rajavithi Hospital. It adds that ear pain can happen at any age. And may result in hearing loss.When an ear infection is suspected, a doctor should be consulted for an accurate diagnosis. Your doctor may provide the following treatments:

Provide ear drops or oral antiseptic.

Ear canal cleaning by a doctor in young children

The doctor may consider going to the hospital to observe the symptoms closely. And give an intravenous disinfectantPrevention is essential in reducing ear infections and complications. By refraining from using the ear pick, do not drop water or any other substance into the ear to clean the ear as the ear canal has its own cleaning mechanism. And most importantly, if an ear infection is suspected, a doctor should be consulted for the correct diagnosis and treatment. To reduce the risk of hearing loss in the future