What is IoT? Why should I have a house-condo in the digital age?


When it comes to IoT or Internet of Things, it is another issue that has received much attention and has been discussed in this era Because in addition to coming with new innovations in the digital age It is also a very close matter that involves everyone, so that you must have your own home or place of residence. joker gaming Let's get to know what IoT is and why it should exist in your home or condo. And what should be

What is IoT?

IoT, or Internet of Things, is a system for connecting digital computer devices of humans or even animals. To transfer or exchange information between networks Without the need for people to deliver information among themselves But let such a system be an intermediary to act instead

IoT typically consists of web-enabled smart devices embedded in the system. To collect information and send information as it has been entered. These devices share sensor systems with the primary gateway for data transmission. IoT is also a boon to artificial intelligence. Because it makes data collection easier and faster

In fact, almost everything can be made into an electronic device that can be connected to an IoT system if connected to the Internet and to control the connection of other electronic devices. IoT will have smartphone application functionality, because this lamp has a sensor system that can connect to the system, etc.


Why have IoT in your home-condo?

I have to admit that IoT is a very important technology and can benefit many industries. And when it comes to the benefits of IoT for the masses Would have a positive effect on daily life in the house If highlighting the benefits of IoT for homes I must say that a house or condo with an Internet of Things system will look like a smart home. That is to say, it is a house that mainly focuses on connecting to the Internet. Everything is sent and received according to the instructions entered.
In addition to the modern and comfortable image. There are many other benefits to using IoT technology that we should consider. To be used in homes And this is also the reason why we should install such technology in the house.

1. Easy to control equipment operation

IoT technology will help to control the work processes of various electronic devices more efficiently by IoT collecting information about the daily routine. What activities or tasks must be done? Then it will be processed To be connected and ordered to continue working We don't need to do all the work ourselves, the input IoT system does it for ourselves, for example a refrigerator connected to the IoT system will alert the homeowner that the yogurt is close in two days. Which allows us to prepare to get rid of it Without having to sit and sort and watch the expiration date of the food itself, etc.

2. Cost savings

A smart home is more cost effective and efficient to use energy for each task. Because we can configure the use of electronic devices connected to the IoT system, which contributes to overall cost savings. The system will shut down other devices that are not in use at that time. As a result, the use of unnecessary energy is reduced as well. Became an energy-efficient home model

3.Environment friendly

In addition to helping to save energy and money then Energy saving is also good for the environment. Making the environment less destroyed It also promotes quality lifestyles in a more pollution-free environment.

4. High security

A smart home security system is a great help to protect against damage and loss of assets within your home, because the IoT system has a set of instructions that control and monitor the security of the environment both inside and outside the home, whether Will be a CCTV camera, smartphone unlocking system Or even other motion or smoke sensors, these devices will work together and send an alarm in the event that something goes wrong. We also monitor or look at the environment inside and around the house. While staying elsewhere

Re: What is IoT? Why should I have a house-condo in the digital age?

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