How to treat "brain and nervous system disease" without surgery

The brain and nervous system are very important in the body's functions if abnormalities occur. May affect daily life And can be fatal Treatment of brain and nervous system diseases too Magnetic brain stimulation (TMS) is an attractive treatment option without surgery.
Magnetic brain stimulation (TMS)
Dr. Chotiphat Danchaiwichit, MD. Internal Medicine, Brain and Nervous System Medicine Brain and Nervous System Center Bangkok International Hospital said that magnetic stimulation of the brain. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, often referred to as TMS, is a widely accepted treatment for neurological and neurological diseases. Because it is a safe treatment No surgery or drugs required. TMS is a tool that generates magnetic fields. TMS can be used to treat diseases related to the brain and nervous system, from depression to obsessive compulsive disorder Parkinson's disease, psychiatric disease to stroke That may affect daily life Including pain Related to the brain system
Principles of brain magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy
The principle of treatment with TMS is the use of a powerful magnetic field generator. To stimulate the brain in the area that causes the disease, such as in the case of depression Will use to stimulate the brain on the left front (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex), which studies show This therapy can improve symptoms of depression in patients who are unresponsive to drug therapy. In the event of a stroke Patients with half-half weakness Difficulty speaking, stimulating the brain in appropriate areas Along with physical therapy treatment It can help the patient to improve symptoms better than physical therapy alone. And also found that stimulating the brain with magnetic fields It also helps treat patients with memory impairment problems.
Magnetic Brain Stimulation (TMS) Procedures and Methods
The doctor will perform an assessment to determine the optimal brain stimulation position in each patient. The stimulator is then positioned in the area and the excitation is pulsed. The stimulator will make a clicking sound and will make the skin under the stimulator feel like a light touch. Without pain After each treatment, the patient can return to normal activities or work. Each treatment takes about 30-60 minutes. Most of the time, this method. Will have to be done continuously several times The number of sessions will depend on the disease being treated. And abnormalities that occur in each patient
Electromagnetic brain stimulators can stimulate the brain from low frequency stimulation to high frequency (theta burst stimulation), making it possible to treat a wide range of brain and nervous system ailments. They can also provide treatment services right at the bedside. In the case of a patient who has difficulty moving such as weakness คาสิโนออนไลน์

Although magnetic brain stimulation therapy is an effective treatment, But patients should be monitored and monitored closely and continuously with brain and neurologists. For the long-term treatment and quality of life of patients