Solve questions about the growth of "Whale Sharks"


A new study detailing the biology of the world's largest XO fish, the whale shark, finds that male whale sharks grow faster. While the female whale shark grows many times larger

The research team monitored the growth of 54 whale sharks over a 10-year period near Ningaloo Reef on the west coast of Australia. Which is a route that the rare late herd will visit every year

Scientists who study whale shark growth have found that whale sharks grow rapidly at a young age. With an average length of 20-30 centimeters per year But in this study, it is the first confirmation that Male and female whale sharks grow at different acceleration.

Male whale sharks grow much faster. They were found to grow up to 8 meters in their 30s, which is equivalent to their adult, fertile, breeding.

On the other side, the female whale shark. It grows and grows up to 14 meters in size by the age of 50, which is the reproductive age of the female whale shark.

Mark Meegan, marine biologist From the Australian Institute of Marine Science Head of the research team on the growth of this whale shark. A paper published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science explains the difference. The whale shark is a very unique animal. Because of its nature, female whale sharks give birth to 300 whale shark cubs at a time, which is why they need a large structure to support hundreds of offspring at the same time.

The whale shark is the largest cetacean in the world. The largest whale shark in the world has ever been discovered, with its body length of 18 meters and can live up to 100-150 years. Naturally, it feeds on plankton filtering and nutrients in the sea. And often find them in distant water bodies To find food sufficient for its size

Marine biologist From the Australian Institute of Marine Science Reiterate that this study is important. Whale sharks take 30 years to reproduce. Amid the risk that they may be hunted or accidentally killed before puberty. And now whale sharks are on the list of the world's most endangered sharks. It is therefore an urgent need for the conservation of whale sharks. Giving them the opportunity to breed little whale sharks in the sea