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To increase the richness of OSRS Hosidius rework, a new Dungeon called the Forthos Dungeon is almost ready to be polled RuneScape gold for sale in-game. Here you could learn the location, rooms, and other information on this OSRS Forthos Dungeon.
Location of new OSRS Forthos Dungeon
Players can find OSRS Forthos Dungeon below the Forthos Ruin, which is a new area with the Hosidius Rework. There will be two entrances to the Forthos Dungeon. The catacombs entrance currently leads to the giant sand crabs, and it will be rerouted to the western entrance of the new dungeon.
Spider’s Den
It is a large multi-combat red spider nest containing 21 temple spiders. These temple spiders are a more powerful species of red spider with level 75 Combat, which can be assigned here as a Slayer task by Konar OSRS.
The Grubby Chest
There is a locked gate which can be picked with 57 Thieving. OSRS Twisted Bow behind the door requires a Grubby key to unlock, which drops from creatures in this dungeon. The Grubby Chest contains some supplies and treasure that can help you survive in the dungeon.
The Library
There is a library north of the Grubby chest, which contains 4 undead druids OSRS and various bookshelves for tattered tomes.
Altar of the Sun
This room contains a NPC called Olbertus who has found an artifact and an altar for recharging prayer points.
Sacrificial Chamber
Players need to find how to access the secret entrance from within the Crypt of the Moon. A lever can be pulled to open a locked door north of the Scorched Grotto once in there.
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Scorched Grotto (8)
There are 6 red dragons and 5 baby red dragons in this room. The west entrance will lead to the library while to the north lies a shortcut to the northern half of the dungeon, which requires 75 Agility to unlock.