Best tracking system for your kids,vehicle,school bus

Flotilla IoT is a renowned name in the telematics industry with extensive experience in providing fleet management solutions to businesses. The of Flotilla IoT is innovative web-based GPS tracking software designed for helping businesses manage, monitor, and maintain their fleets. The interactive yet flexible design with customized features is suitable for various scales of businesses.
A GPS tracking app ‘FX Tracker’ is also offered by Flotilla IoT along with its fleet management software to save businesses from investing money on expensive tracker devices. With the help of this app, you can convert your mobile device into a real-time GPS tracker.
• CMS: CMS is the admin panel of the fleet management system from where the user can control every aspect of the operations.
• Dashboard: The dashboard provides an overview of the complete information related to all the units (vehicles) included in the fleet.
• Monitoring: Flotilla IoT’s fleet management system offers an excellent monitoring mechanism for fleets containing a large number of vehicles. The real-time GPS tracking, speed, motion status, fuel updates, and many such functions can be performed through the monitoring module of the system.
• Geo-fences: A vehicle’s geo-fencing of any shape and size can be done according to your convenience to get run-time notifications on entry and exit.
• Units: The item that is installed with a GPS tracker device for monitoring is known as ‘Unit’. It could be a vehicle, machine, or any other thing.
• Tracks: The complete record of the trips taken by the vehicles is kept in this module. A user can easily retrieve details of any trip from ‘Tracks’.
• Notifications: From email notifications to SMS alerts, users can be updated about different events and actions of the units.
• Reports: From fuel reports to staff performance reports, you can keep a check and balance on your business through effective reporting.
• Time Machine: The complete tracking history of the trips ranging from route and direction to motion status can be replayed through ‘Time Machine’.
• Schedule: In case of any important upcoming event, scheduling of notification can be done for the convenience of the user.