"Sudden heart attack" can a strong cough really help?


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Heart failure, heart attack, or ischemic heart disease Is a disease that can have sudden slotxo exacerbations While we may be doing activities such as driving, biking, using machinery Or maybe just standing Or walk along the road If there is an unconscious condition during the activity, it can be life threatening.

However, there is information that has been passed on that if conscious that they are going to have a heart attack Try to cough hard It will help escape from an acute heart attack. Is that true? Sanook! Health has already found an answer.

Acute heart attack
Acute heart attack Can be divided according to two main reasons:

- arrhythmia Fast heartbeat Or too late Causing the heart to pump blood to the various organs Of the body is not enough Causing the body's blood pressure to drop Until there is not enough blood to feed the heart Until heart failure

- Acute coronary thrombosis Ischemic heart muscle And there is less compression Causing pulmonary congestion Until causing pneumonia Or flooding the lungs Until eventually causing heart failure

Can a strong cough really help you survive a heart attack?
According to the information passed on, if you feel like symptoms of heart disease are about to recur, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, in the face of your hands, take long, deep breaths and coughing vigorously several times, as if trying to get a phlegm out of the throat. neck Call this method Resuscitation with coughing

Actually a strong coughing It is the advice of doctors about heart patients, cardiac catheterization patients. Which requires injections of a contrast agent to show images of coronary arteries The contrast agent replaces the blood, causing the heart to temporarily ischemia. But in some cases, ischemia can lead to severe heart arrhythmias known as ventricular fibrillation and cause the heart to stop beating. The doctor will perform treatment using a defibrillator to normalize the heartbeat. May use a strong coughing method This helps to squeeze the heart to pump blood like a heart pump with one chest compressions. And it is reported that blood pressure can be maintained until the patient is conscious for more than 30 seconds.

However, this vigorous cough method is not effective for most cases of chest pain. This is particularly effective when a patient is undergoing cardiac catheterization and an irregular heartbeat has occurred. Which must have a heart wave machine (EKG monitor) attached and have a specialist doctor to watch By giving the patient a strong cough in this case May be useful while waiting for drug treatment.

In addition, if we are not strong enough Or not consistently enough, it will cause insufficient bleeding from the heart. Causing unconsciousness and being unable to continue coughing Therefore, the opportunity to help yourself by coughing hard In real life, very little And as far as it was reported, it was a hospital birth Or in the heart catheterization chamber It is therefore unlikely that the patient coughs to maintain a blood pressure that is sufficient for him to arrive at the hospital.

Heart attack, acute ischemic heart disease Then be alone What should I do?
If you're doing an activity alone, such as driving, biking, walking, or standing on the roadside. Try to park the car still. In the corner thought to be safe Calling others to help Or if there is really no one around Have the phone call someone nearby to help, or call 1699. Or doing any activity Until he lost consciousness in the middle

In addition, patients who know that they have heart disease. Being alone should be avoided. Doing activities alone, avoiding strenuous activities Or make it too tired and important for people who think they are healthy, do not be complacent if they are over 35 years of age, should have a heart checkup every year. To prevent future accidents