Seven Knights II is available for download and adventure in the land of knights today.


The adventures of the knights have begun with Netmarble's well-known IP game that has impressed players for years like Seven Knights, or where the gamer language is referred to as 7K games. In this way, the developers have expanded the universe by developing different versions of the game. Previously, it was released for Seven Knights: Time Wanderer for the console platform on the Nintendo Switch, a similar RPG.

And more recently, for the mobile phone platform, when it officially launched the latest Seven Knights II game in South Korea from November 18, 2020.

Sanook Game has been closely following the news of the movement of Seven Knights II because it is another famous game series and expected gamers will definitely be interested if anyone who follows the news regularly knows better than this game It is not an slotxo RPG-style game like the first version released, but it is presented in a completely new and different MMORPG, whether it is the gameplay that changes the level but the players. Can still be transformed into various characters Which is unique to this series


Later on, the quality of the graphics changed from the cute cartoon character style to the more realistic and spectacular visuals. Which is a style of South Korean game that is unique and unlike any other country in the world We can see that most mobile games in South Korea are major franchises. From leading companies will come with spectacular graphics quality

Seven Knights II This mobile MMORPG has been created using Unreal Engine 4, a popular technology that offers realistic graphics quality. Arrested to modify the model to look more realistic, modern, according to the current South Korean game development style, it has been confirmed that 46 characters will be divided into 5 major positions: Attacking, Defensive, Shooter, Assisting and All-around will be where the characters will be in these categories. In addition, each hero has the same Active, Passive and Ultimate skills as the previous version.

Now friends Anyone interested can go and download it at the South Korean store, both Android and iOS systems, but if anyone is going to play, they must use a VPN as well.