Google Unmanned Vehicle Project: Slow, slow, might not be a beautiful scythe?


It is well known that Google Like the predecessor in the development of driverless cars Since it is the first Developed and announced to the public And inevitably contributes to a trend for automakers and other technology companies Turn to developing self-driving cars more or less But even before someone else It looks like many Google competitors. You have a development that has surpassed Google. While Google itself doesn't seem to know which way to turn the head of the boat In order to make driverless cars bring income to the company seriously

Google began developing self-driving cars in 2009 before slotxo making it public in 2012, while the trend of driverless car development began in 2013, but companies that brought self-driving cars to the public were First one It turned out to be a Singapore-based nuTonomy company, and Uber in Pittsburgh, or even Tesla, that launched the Tesla Autopilot system, which was released at the end of 2014, with the Tesla S D Series.

Still, it is undeniable that the unmanned system that has been released to the public by all three companies is incomplete and 100% self-driving, which looks like a plan for Google's development. Who want their own cars and software to be perfect and ready for any situation Before going public Which takes time and development gradually, as the phrase is slow

And with a relatively slow development Including opinions that contradict the company This led to the development of driverless cars such as Sebastian Thrun, Anthony Levandowski, two engineers who initiated the project, and Chris Urmson, a former project leader, to announce their retirement. Not counting many engineers in the project In which one of the former project crews revealed that The team needs new challenges. While Google wants to develop gradually and as perfect as possible. While experts believe that Google needs a partner To make driverless cars generate income for the company And Google still can't find a partner Even though I tried to talk to many companies