9 reasons why the GoProHERO9 Black is perfect to be your holiday companion


Stepping into the time of the long weekend Many people would have planned a trip to breathe the air in different provinces. And take the family to fully relax But one thing that everyone cannot live without on a trip, whether going as a big family or going solo, would be a camera. For keeping beautiful pictures Record memories of that time

And today, GoPro (GoPro) would like to introduce 9 reasons why you should choose GoProHERO9 Black as a camera companion in all your travels. Can take by yourself, don't need to reconcile anyone
You don't have to be embarrassed to ask someone to take a picture or a full-headed selfie. joker123 Because the front-facing 1.4-inch display or front-facing screen built into the GoProHERO9 Black will help you take selfies with your own face. Set the level of handsome beauty together without needing anyone. Taking selfies alone or with the whole family will be ready to release the shutter at any time, the photo is not beautiful, the blurry image will not be a problem anymore.
Dark corners are not afraid with the function of automatic environment settings SuperPhoto that helps to extract ambient light and adjust the color accordingly. Make your photos look like a pro photographer. Even with only the GoProHERO9 Black camera

How many hundred xylophone will go up and down? The image that comes out is hardly moving.
The stabilization system that has been developed to be even better Ready to handle every road Will run down the stairs Cycling down the mountain or walking up the mountain Is ready for you to press and shoot without shaking With the Hypersmooth 3.0 function that no matter whoever tried it, it would love to follow each other.

Tired of taking normal videos Try adding variety and excitement to your videos.
Delete the memory of the old video. Then come in the mood for your videos with TimeWarp 3.0 that will give your ordinary videos a new twist. Greatly enhances the video Because you can speed up the video speed alternating with normal video speed Including doing Slo-motion on this GoPro HERO9 Black at your fingertips

How much did you hurt? With the word that you can't take photos in time Can you bring it again?
No need to pretend a hundred times Do not turn around to cause pain in the waist. Because one of the cool features in the GoProHERO9 Black that will save footage 30 seconds before the actual video shooting, even if you missed the moment, the Hindsight function does not miss to capture the events of that moment for you.

I want to shoot a shooting star to show off to my friends. But lazy to wake up and wait
GoProHERO9 Black can help you. By presetting the timer so that the GoProHERO9 Black launches itself to shoot that important shot for you. You can preset up to 24 hours in advance and can configure how you want to shoot. With the Schedule Capture function

Shooting video is never straight. Wait left Right tilt
Whether a beginner or a pro May face the problem of shooting videos tilted left or right Make the video that you have taken It cannot be used, but GoProHERO9 Black will help you solve your problem with In-camera Horizon Leveling function. That helps your videos not be biased Always ready to use

Getting some awesome action But in good condition
No need to carry multiple batteries No need to carry a charger with you - GoProHERO9 Black has a larger battery and up to 30% more capacity, so you can keep all your memories for even longer. Never miss any important moment.

I want to take pictures underwater But don't know what camera to take Mobile cannot take it down.
Have you ever been to the sea? But I have no idea what camera to get underwater, GoProHERO9 Black will be the answer for you because GoProHERO9 Black is a camera that can shoot both on land and underwater without worry. It is waterproof up to 10 meters, easy to carry with a compact size. It offers high resolution 20 million pixels and shoot video up to 5K.For anyone looking for great deals on GoProHERO9 Black, GoPro has a bundle set for a long weekend ready for you to go on every trip. From GoPro that includes

GoProHERO9 Black Camera, Portable Magnetic Swivel Clip, 360 Degree Rotation, The Handler Handle and Battery All in One Set. At a special price of only 17,000 baht from the normal 19,400 baht, this promotion is available for you to reserve as the owner from November 7, 2020 or until the product runs out.