Initial advice if you suspect that online "personal information" has been leaked.


Today's online presence is not only insecure. But on some occasions it is quite dangerous Because we cannot know that the social media we are using Including all the latest technological devices that surround us What personal information do we keep? And most importantly, many people do not know is "We are always collecting information"

The information that criminals will get from us in slotxo every way they do include name, address, age, gender, relationship level, education level, interests, habits, favorite products, health, appliances used. What do you spend most time on? Including financial dimensions You can call it all our history. This kind of data can do a lot of things, so Tonkit360 has some advice if you suspect that you are one of the victims that your personal information has come into the hands of criminals. (Or not yet dropped You should be protected)

1. Change password immediately

Hijacking happens very quickly within a fraction of a second, so if you suspect that you are one of the victims that has been exposed to the wrong hands Immediately change the password To change the code, go directly to the platform you use. Never click on a link sent without knowing where it came from. And if you link one account with multiple platforms, log out so the hacker will notify you first. In fact, you should always change your password. And avoid using weak code Or the same code used for all accounts

2. Check the correctness of the source of the news.

Usually, if there is a data theft incident The platform operator will notify with an announcement that an abnormality is found. Some customer information has been leaked. Report damage done Come out to show responsibility Corrective action Including giving advice to users about security procedures But there are things that the service provider does not notify customers And choose to fix it by himself, pretending that he did not know that something had happened For fear of losing reputation and credibility

However, if there is a rumor that there is a chance it will actually happen. Should not be ignored or ignored. But check if the rumor is true or not. Only contact the service provider directly. It is strictly forbidden to proceed through the link, any agent or the officer who calls for information. Then inform the officer about the risk And proceed as the staff recommends Checking the news is to keep you from being overly nervous. A rumor can be just a fake news, but you can have a little bit of comfort. Because you have changed your password

3. Disconnect financial information.

Especially platforms or accounts that carry financial transactions, such as online shopping applications. Or the system you have connected to purchase additional services from the smartphone system Because there are many people who tie their financials to those platforms all the time. To make it easy to use Or cut the money automatically The more convenient it is, the more dangerous Because if the criminals get some of your information Smuggling money with your credit or debit card number is not difficult, so if you're not sure if you're one of the victims. Then connect the financial data first.

4.Be more on the alert.

As long as you have not received confirmation that you can safely return to your accounts and services online. Do not rush to use as usual, in fact, whether there is news that the data has been stolen or not. You should not be indifferent to all the information you use to register to access various platforms because of each individual website or application you register. The system keeps your data. Which cannot be guaranteed that it will stay safe all the time. Personal information will no longer be private. When you type it on the internet

The way to be careful starts with the password. You need to set a strong-to-guess password. And change the password regularly Avoid using the same password for all platforms, use a multi-factor authentication method, such as re-verification via email. Via phone number Or enabling 2 Factor Authentication Or set an alert every time, especially for apps related to finance You should do whatever it takes to protect yourself as much as possible. It can be very fussy about several steps. But keeps you safer

5. Always keep an eye out for and investigate any irregularities in your account.

You may need to observe it and investigate it over the long term. It is possible that the stolen information will not be immediately fraudulent or criminalized. If you start to get weird emails or messages coming to you Do not open and read it. Start having an OTP code sent to your phone number even though you have not bought anything. Or an email alert that your account has been attempted by someone else. It means that your online information is no longer secure. That you will have a plan for how to manage it Will delete the account Or will report It lies in the damage that you estimate may occur.