Leg guards and physical devices to help disabled pets walk again.


This workshop produces specialized prostheses, leg sleeves, and prosthetics, all made for animal use. Most of them are pet dogs.

Derrick Campana, founder of Bionic Pets, sees the work of slotxoprosthetics That he invented as a work of art He said he made each prosthesis by hand. All custom made, starting from plaster and assembled from plastic and foam. Can be considered a work of art at every stage

The VOA reporter reported that Campana was using a different device in the manufacture of prosthetic prostheses.

He said he had been using this pizza oven for 16 years and helped produce about 30,000 pieces of equipment for different animals. This oven is used to bake plastic.

Bionic Pets is based in Sterling, Virginia. It is one of about 10 companies worldwide that produces custom-designed prosthetics for animals.

Khun Kampana said the company made the world's first leg sleeve for a camel and every day. He was contacted to invent new prosthetic devices. Today, prosthetics are increasingly used in a variety of disabled pets.

Kampana, owner of Bionic Pets, says he has the joy of rescuing animals in one of his biggest projects. Kampana traveled to Africa to bring a piece of the leg band to the wild elephant named Jabu, an African elephant from Boswana.

Khun Kampana said that Jabu fell into a hollow termite. Make one ankle turn So he made an elephant leg guard so that Jabu could walk around and not become a victim of wild hunters.

However, Campana says that most of the time he doesn't travel to heal the animals himself, but instead sends clients a set of prosthetics to cast the animal's legband for use. And sent back to the company to produce prosthetic prostheses or prosthetic legs according to the design sent

Khun Khampana said that the company ships the mother's dress to the world. The customer will send the molded casing, ie by post. When the company has successfully manufactured prostheses or prosthetic devices It will be shipped back to the customer.

Lisa Bokin brought one of her pet dogs, got stuck on one of her legs, crippled after an ineffective operation. Ms. Bokin said her dogs are not like normal dogs because they have to wear leg bands.

Another client's aging pet dog was injured because of a torn knee tendon. Kampana invented a knee sleeve to make the tendons heal better.Missy Blackcast, the owner of the dog, says she wants the old dog to live as happily as possible. In the last life of the dog

Khun Kamapana said that he was happy every time he was able to successfully attach a leg guard to the dog as he saw the dog start walking again.