Concerns about the impact of digital devices on children and young people.


At the CES trade show in Las Vegas last week. Digital gadgets that capture the children's market include the Square Panda, a children's toy made up of screens with cartoon characters and sounds. To help teach alphabet learning and promote reading for young children Which is a favorite of some parents

But at the same time There have also been protests over slotxohow much time spent on digital devices can affect children. And about this, Robin Raskin from Living in Digital Times commented: Parents may not be able to burden tech companies with rules on their own.

But parents may expect these companies to create gadgets or tools for their children that are open to each home, family. It is easier to set up their own usage rules.

At the beginning of january Two of the major shareholders sent letters to Apple expressing their concerns. And asked Apple to pay more attention To help parents who want to limit or control the use of their child's mobile phone.

The second is to ask Apple to support research on the impact of smartphones and other technologies. Towards children and youth

A shareholder who sent a letter expressing concern to Apple said that 8th graders who use social media a lot. There is a 27% higher risk of experiencing symptoms of depression, depression, and depression. And it will take time to play sports Socializing with others, including less homework.

While there is no news to confirm how Apple has decided to respond to the concerns of the two major shareholders. And while there are no technology measures yet To help parents monitor effective use of their children's digital devices Working groups help parents advise that Should wait until the youth attends grade 8 or equivalent to Secondary 2 according to the Thai education system. To allow the use of your own smartphone

This is because youths under this age are more likely to become addicted to their mobile phones and use too much that affects their sleep. It also negatively affects homework and socializing.