How to make you the top guy any girl wants to be around


Many young people have problems in front of girls. Because I don't know how to act to look interesting Or how to make yourself look confident in order for the girls Come to adore you In some cases, you're not sure if you need to rush into talking to her first or wait for her to come to you. We conclude that we have a good technique. That will make you become the top young man that any woman is interested in, and what kind of methods will there be?

How to get girls interested in you

1. Have confidence in yourself.

Confidence will make you stand out more. Whether you're talking to her first, or waiting for her to come in, no matter what your words, your demeanor, don't speak in a hunchback, hunchback, be afraid, ask for answers, but don't be too confident. As if you were completely handsome like this young lady May be tired more than wanting to associate with

2. Create a good image

Regardless of the clothes, my face should look good first. It doesn't have to be super modern Or any brand-name brand Just look and look good Not dirty and messy enough Oh! It's important to smell. Make sure to wear a few light scents as they indicate your neatness.

3. Keep yourself developing.

Self development Whether it is an additional study Challenging work Or doing activities that are good and useful It will make you look dynamic, inquisitive and amazing for women.

4.Honor the ladies

Women probably don't like rude men. Acting impolite, it's best to treat a woman with courtesy and respect. Listen when you talk without interruption. And look after and encourage when you are weak

5. Good mind for everyone.

You should be kind-hearted and friendly with everyone around you. Which having a good heart is not an annoyance Or only make girls interested because of the girls' nature Often see who is fake or true

6. Not discussing unpredictable matters.

Most young men, when approaching women, often discuss a few things, such as what is their name, how old they are, who come with whom, what work, where is the house Today the weather is good Hear to know Can I have a phone number? Then just talked a few ทางเข้า slotxo words and walked away In the end, relationship building often doesn't happen, and this kind of conversation wasn't interesting in the first place It's a good idea to ask her to talk in a way that you are interested in something, suspect something about her. You let her know that she is attractive. If what you are interested in makes sense She will talk and introduce herself to you without you having to ask.