How to take care of your child? During school holidays not to be "addicted to the game"


During school holidays, many parents and guardians give their children extra freedom. Causing sometimes to be neglected until the child has a game addiction Which some people have very addictive behaviors Until having to be admitted to the adolescent psychiatric clinic And treatment centers for children who are addicted to games

By children's symptoms Who came to receive treatment Data from the Department of Mental Health states that Children have academic problems, poor grades, violent behavior problems associated with violent game imitation. Some people have the problem of being deceived. Being sexually abused through a known stranger from online games

All children who play games are at risk of "game addiction", a brain-related behavioral problem, as well as "substance addiction" at risk for psychiatric illnesses such as depression, severe anxiety disorders, and psychiatric disorders. Suicide


It is also at risk of committing a crime. Or become a victim of a criminal, distracting academic performance, clearly deteriorating. By playing games for more than 2 hours a day on vacation Will increase the risk of addiction 2.5 times playing the game for more than 1 hour per day on weekdays Will increase the risk of addiction to the game 1.8 times

The Department of Mental Health recommends that For children younger than 3 years, computer games are not recommended, ages 3 to 6, only educational games. With a parent controlling age 6 and up, playing other games that are designated for each สมัครสมาชิก slotxo age of children. Avoid violent games. Ages 13 and up. Avoid games with excessive violence, such as bloody battle scenes. And it is forbidden to play games planned to kill enemies, sex, profanity, gambling and drugs. Weekdays can be played for less than an hour a day. While the holidays are less than 2 hours a day. Should not play continuously for more than an hour.

Avoid online games characterized by multiplayer teams. Personal information should not be disclosed. Do not meet with strangers that I know through online games. Parents should be told when encountering untrustworthy situations such as threats, threats, extortion, in-game purchases.

For parents, it is recommended that parents monitor the spending habits of their children. Locations at a local game store School regularly Games are not allowed in private rooms. Set the rules together Games should not be played before homework, before going to bed, as well as engaging in alternative creative activities such as hobbies, exercise, sports, and volunteering. Or while walking on a public path Consultation services can be requested at the Mental Health Hotline 1323, 24 hours a day.