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4 worst foods you shouldn't eat

Posted: November 18th, 2020, 7:03 pm
by ritcha

Foods that should not be eaten After exercise
Do you know that the food we eat After exercise is just as important as exercising. Because it is an important factor in going further, strengthening, repairing the lost part during exercise Replaced by what is necessary and of quality. And choosing foods that are bad for the body Will have a negative effect instead of a good result Let's see what they are.

Sweets and desserts
If someone likes to run in the morning And like to stick to eating sweets after a run, be careful, because foods rich in sugar and fat are not suitable for post-workout after exercise. The body needs to replenish the energy it has lost to carry out its subsequent activities. What the body needs is high-quality carbohydrates to store the lost glycogen in high-fat foods. Causing the subsystem to run slowly The process of converting from carbohydrate to glycogen is reduced.

Fried foods and fast food
Believe that after intense exercise Many people reward themselves with a wide variety of fried dishes, including large hamburgers and large French fries. Deep fried foods are a burden on the digestive system and can cause stomach discomfort as they use a lot of energy to digest. The fried food makes me feel lethargic instead of gaining energy.

Foods that are difficult to digest and absorb can make you feel sluggish and full. Foods full of oil can be the cause of GERD symptoms, moreover, if you already have GERD. Eating fried foods after exercising is likely to exacerbate symptoms as well.

Soft drinks and beer
Sometimes strenuous exercise requires a cold drink, and many people are spoiled for choice. Grab a soft drink or even a beer. But these beverages are not suitable as a substitute for water in the body after sweating. It's important to get enough water after exercise. But drinks with a lot of sugar Including alcohol will have the opposite effect. Because it makes the body dehydrated Therefore not suitable as a post-workout drink In addition, alcohol has similar effects to desserts, slowing down the glycogen storage process. And also has the effect of reducing muscle repair as well

Protein Bars (Processed)
Obviously, your body needs protein very much after exercise. But processed protein bars often come with many ingredients your body doesn't need.

For example, some brands add a lot of sugar. Including various sweeteners that may upset your stomach In some cases, flatulence may occur. There is a lot of gas in the stomach and diarrhea.

So if late for exercise Fitness chains that rely on protein bars as a post-workout energy source. Should check the label Check the ingredients well. Try to choose one that contains the ingredients you really need with the least amount of additives to help.

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