Skin problems for women Most are inevitable.


Woman with facial skin It is something that has to be very important. Both focus on maintenance, makeup and even acne treatment. But there are also many other problems with facial skin that happen to every woman. Will not escape, which will not escape, which 5 skin problems for girls Everyone must meet and cannot avoid it.

1. Acne marks
Acne marks are a problem that occurs on the skin very quickly that has it all. Because when entering adolescence Some people have already started to have a full face of acne. Hence, acne marks inevitably remain on the face. As for acne scars, it is usually caused by accidentally scratching or removing the pimple with your hands, causing infection and inflammation. When the pimple collapsed, it left the acne scars to look different in pain. But it can be treated with laser treatment.


2. Scars
Scars are likely to occur on all parts of the body. But if it happens on the face Surely is a matter that is difficult to accept But usually the girls There are often small scars on the face, especially nail scratches. Which some people may get from scratches since childhood And neglect not to be treated immediately Until causing scars on the face until now Which can be cured by laser treatment as well

3. Wrinkles
As for the wrinkles on the face It comes during the girls age 25 and over because the body at this age will begin to produce less collagen and elastin. This will result in a decrease in the strength of the skin as well. Causing wrinkles and sagging skin Wrinkles on the face are especially noticeable. For this problem girls Can be treated by using nourishing cream Injection of skin fillers, fillers, or botox


4. Dullness
The dullness on the surface of the skin has many factors that can cause this problem. In terms of age, weather, sunlight, stress, inadequate rest, drinking less water, smoking and excessive use of facial products. Which solves the problem of dullness that occurs on the skin surface by scrubbing the skin Chemical peels Or do a laser

5. Melasma and freckles
For the blemish problem and nonetheless Arising from both internal and external factors Whether it is in terms of hormonal changes that change with age. Do not wear sunscreen. Neglect the care of cleansing the skin. And does not nourish the skin Which this problem is difficult to solve But can be prevented by wearing sunscreen with an SPF30 or higher on a daily basis.

Facing 5 problems that arise with the skin of girls. It is always a matter to accept each other. But every problem that happens to the surface Inevitably, there is a solution to make the skin better The most important thing for women is to focus on applying sunscreen. And to keep facial skin Including reducing some cosmetics Because cosmetics are involved in damaging the skin as well.

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Re: Skin problems for women Most are inevitable.

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