Increase your slender face easily with 5 beauty tips from Japanese women.


Believe that there are girls Many people wish to have a beautiful and slim face. But because the structure of the bones in each person's face is different. As a result, some people have pretty slender faces, and some have cute, round faces. For anyone who wants a slimmer face Let's take a look at the secrets of Japanese women to increase their slender face better. Tell me that each method is safe. It is certainly not dangerous

1. Chewing gum
Chewing gum is one of the exercises that women face. Japan is popular to do it to increase the slender face. In addition to helping exercise the muscles of the face. Chewing gum can also help produce more saliva. Which contributes to reducing bad breath quite well.


2. Stretch your pelvis and scapula.
For anyone who wants to have a slim and beautiful face Need to pay attention to the pelvis and scapula. Both of these bones have to be adjusted to balance the body structure. This can be done by turning the body up and down and twisting the waist left and right. This will affect the balance on the face. Makes the face more beautiful

3. Move the corners of the mouth up often
Angle of the mouth upward It will help to gradually reduce the sagging on the face, which is usually used by people with smaller faces to exercise their face by always moving the corner of the mouth. Because this method is easy to do It is also a facial exercise that enhances the slenderness of the face as well.


4. Laugh hard
As we've all heard before, one big smile uses a lot of facial muscles. Which is also a lot of laughing is to use a lot of muscles. And these methods are one of the ways to improve the slenderness of the face well. Unlike a small smile or a full laugh, it will result in crow's feet and facial wrinkles instead.

5. Say the word "poly baguette"
Another secret to improving the beauty of your face without spending a lot of money is to say "poly baguette", which will move your face muscles and exercise your face well. It is recommended to lift your head slightly and say the word with your mouth wide open. Will get better results

Already know the secrets of increasing the slender face of Japanese women, believe that all 5 tips that we have shared today Are suitable for people who do not have time. Because some methods can be done during work hours or stretching breaks. Eaaepenwea who wants to have a pretty slim face in safety Try to apply it together.

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