Relive the impact in the gaming industry that occurred because of COVID-19.


The year 2020 is almost over in just a month. And speaking of what happened to people around the world this year, it would be inevitable that the outbreak of the new COVID-19 virus has affected many circles and industries. Not even the video game industry has been affected and the events of many events that affect the game maker or even the players themselves. Before the end of this year, let's take a look at how COVID-19 has affected the gaming industry.


1. Many games have to postpone the release.

Impact of the virus outbreak Many people have to stay away and work at home for a long time. And that includes game developers across the country. Who have to adjust by working and coordinating from their own home Which has caused many game companies to เกมสล็อตฟรี have problems with delayed game development Until many games have to be announced postpone the release several times because they can not be developed to meet the deadline. Or some games even have to be postponed to the next year Because the company is unable to adapt to work But the result of the silence disappeared for almost half a year It makes at the end of this year there are many games that have been released at the same time to play as much as ever.


2. The game show must cancel or modify the event.

Usually, gamers will be able to enjoy the fun of the big game show every year. Whether it is E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) or Tokyo Games Show, but with conditions that are vulnerable to infectious diseases of many people. As a result, many game competitions or big game events have to be canceled this year. And some events have to rush to find a way to change the new event to a live stream to watch each other instead, such as the Tokyo Games Show 2020 Online, which has held a live stream for several days. But other than that, other works Most who try to switch to an online event It is considered that there is not much work that can create a lot of excitement Because of the problem that many big game camps do not have the progress of the game until there are not many cool games Let's add to the excitement of the event as in the past.