Doctors recommend the correct "Hang Over" technique.


Drinking too much alcohol In addition to affecting the brain, it also affects the liver, increasing the risk of fatty liver buildup, as well as increasing the chance of toxins the body has accumulated in the liver. In the liver and eventually become cirrhosisPlenty of research indicates that there are no drugs to reduce drunkenness. Or a successful formula to cure hangover symptoms, 100% effective, the best is to drink less And drink soberFrequent drinking water, warm ginger juice, fruit and vegetable smoothies. And get enough sleep It's a way to help your hangover get better.

For people who do not like to socialize What is the slotxo end of the party or season? You have to hangover every now and then. But for the partygoers The atmosphere in the spirits Mix music And society is one of the charms of socializing rather than the taste of bitter alcohol. Alcohol will help fill the night. Fragrant and full of joy because alcohol has a depressing effect on the central nervous system. And loosen the muscles When given a small quantity, it helps to relax.

How does alcohol affect our brain?
Dr. Phaisit Trakulkongsamut, MD. A specialist in anti-aging medicine at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, alcohol is chemically named Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol, classified as a neuroprotective. After drinking Our body will do whatever it takes to get rid of it. But the effect may not be just waiting for the liver to eliminate it. But while waiting Alcohol has many effects on the body.

When alcohol travels to the stomach and small intestines To be absorbed into the circulatory system The pancreas releases the hormone insulin. (Insulin is a hormone That likes to come out to collect blood sugar that drifts Into cells So as not to make the blood sugar too high) If we leave the stomach. The blood sugar level is already low as the original capital. If you accidentally drink a lot of alcohol The more the hormone insulin is released, the lower the blood sugar. Therefore causing symptoms like sugar fall And will begin to have symptoms of stupor, confusion, and more intoxication faster than people who are secondary Or eating snacks as well

When alcohol flows in the bloodstream. Will travel to the brain It will be absorbed into many parts of the brain such as

Frontal lobe is responsible for controlling decisions, emotions, thoughts, intelligence, and personality. Wrong decision Abnormal personality traits can be revealed (eg, from a neat girl might be a bustle that we've never seen before) for an alcoholic. When this part of the brain is destroyed Will make learning Abnormal socialization

Memory of the brain (Hippocampus) is the memory that many of our dramas. And normal memories If the alcohol has seeped into this section We will begin to remember the blurry things of that day. Sometimes the memories kept hidden Then revealed to have to cry, faint, unable to control one's consciousness Anyone who says that he has drunk and can forget something. May not always be For those who are addicted to alcohol When this part of the brain is destroyed Will cause amnesia Learning disorder Therefore, in the period before the exam, it is not recommended to drink.

Brain hypothalamus (Hypothalamus) This part of the brain helps to regulate body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, hunger, satiety, and sleep. Blood pressure is abnormal and variable. And abnormal sleep quality

The cerebellum of the brain controls the balance of the body. When drinking a lot Will not start walking straight Walking over to this person, someone may drop the glass they are holding. People who are addicted to alcohol also have problems with balance.

Brain Stem controls the transmission of information from the brain to different parts of the body when drinking in large quantities. Will slow down the perception and response to things

The medulla oblongata (medulla oblongata) is responsible for controlling vomiting, breathing and heart rate. And blood pressure, if you drink too much can easily cause nausea. And if you drink more than your body can handle Will cause unconsciousness, shock, stop breathing and even death
Therefore, drinking, but beautiful enough to be numb enough to help us still be conscious. It also saves life in many parts of the brain as well for the hangover symptoms are headache and muscle tone, thirst, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, fast pulse. If the hangover is so severe that it is impossible to get up to work or do daily activities It can be a sign of alcohol poisoning. Which is considered life-threatening Must rush to the hospital for urgent treatment

When alcohol enters the body Will change in the form of acetal aldehyde (Acetal aldehyde) by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, but acetal aldehyde is toxic to body cells. So the body has the enzyme Acetal dehydrogenase. To convert to a substance acetate (Acetate) that is non-toxic and the body can be used for energy, but in the body some people produce the enzyme Acetal dehydrogenase. Can be in limited quantities Therefore, the accumulation of Acetal aldehyde, which is toxic to cells. Make the nervous system and brain Digestive system and food absorption system, sleep disorders.