The baby grows slowly in the womb. Pregnant mothers have to be careful to see why.


Pregnant mothers May be worried about why the stomach is so small Or the ball wriggles less than usual Symptoms like this must be careful. This could be a sign of a slow growth in the womb. Causing children to be small, underweight, or have incomplete development Which may be at risk of disability or death What is causing this worrisome problem? And how can it be corrected or prevented Let's find out.

What is fetal delay?

Growth Retardation is a condition in which the fetus does not develop as it should be. This causes the infants to develop malnutrition and are smaller and weigh 3-10% less than normal, especially for mothers who are pregnant for the first time. Being pregnant before 19, being at 35 or older, are particularly at risk.

There are two forms of slow fetal development:

- Proportional model (Symmetrical) Babies grow slowly and have the same size of their bodies smaller than normal.

- A wrong proportion (Asymmetrical) The baby grows slowly, the body size is much smaller than the head.
What is the cause of the slow growth of the fetus?

Premature retardation can be caused by a number of reasons. Both abnormalities in the cell Or tissue inherited from the parents in the first place Has a low amount of oxygen input. Or health problems of the mother It can begin at any time of pregnancy. And there are factors that increase your baby's risk of developing this condition, including:

Maternal health risk factors

- Chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease and various respiratory diseases

- High blood pressure

- Malnutrition

- anemia

- some types of infections

- substance abuse

- smoking and drinking alcohol

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Re: The baby grows slowly in the womb. Pregnant mothers have to be careful to see why.

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