How to Setup the HP Printer using

Here we explain steps in detail to set up your brand new HP printer. Execute the guidelines promptly; complete the setup to begin printing your documents.

• Unpack the printer.
• Check if you have the requirements to start
• Complete the first time setup. This includes placing the paper into the tray, loading the cartridge and aligning the print head.
• Also, fix the necessary hardware to the slot.
• To connect the device to the network, navigate to the device control panel. Select the option, wireless setup wizard.
• Choose the available network from the list.
• Then provide the wireless network username and password.
• Now install the HP printer assistant software.
• This process is easy, if you visit the driver download portal.
• Use the HP printer assistant; find the compatible printer software to install.
• Now go back to settings to proceed.

For more details about HP Printer Setup, Driver Download and Troubleshooting just visit our site or call our support number +1-800-237-0201

Re: How to Setup the HP Printer using

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Re: How to Setup the HP Printer using

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Re: How to Setup the HP Printer using

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