"Overinvolved Parenting" Parents force their children too much. Lessons from the Chinese series Go Ahead

Many families may forget that Children have the right to choose their own path of life. Even if the parent is concerned Want your child to be comfortable And had an idea that the children would do Let your child be as planned and his life will be most comfortable. But in fact, it can be a barrier to make your child uncomfortable and unhappy throughout their lives
Sanook Health has good information that talks about "Overinvolved Parenting". Insights from Chinese series Go Ahead from Dr. Min-Dr. Benjaporn Tantat, obstetrician, child and adolescent psychiatrist, owner of a baby stroller page up the mountain to leave everyone, every family. together

Ming Yue decided to confess to her mother that When she was in grade 6 and the knee exam (The name of the Chinese university entrance exam) She deliberately did not take the exam. By leaving one blank of the answer sheet blank
She did not want to score until she was able to enter the exam in the faculty she did not want to study (Which is the department that my mother wants you to study), but Ming Yue can not directly contradict Mother's needs. If you get a high score However, her mother would force her to go to school according to her wishes.
Mother wants Ming Yue to work as a lawyer. Studied in the Law Faculty of Peking University Or Qinghua University Which is the top university in China
Since the young Ming Yue Always feeling awkward in everything, she never made a choice. Because my mother always chose and decided for her all the time.
She has never been able to speak directly to her mother, from what kind of clothes she wants her to wear. She wanted to wear a green shirt, but Mom told me to wear pink. Mom does not let her choose the food menu when eating at the restaurant. Mom said that the food she chose It's good and useful But the food you choose doesn't matter. Including making friends Mom even told her to find a good school friend. Than a friend that you are close to and love.
Mother always said that Ming Yue thought and chose for herself. It's a bad thing, not okay even though Ming Yue is good at studying. The exam was always at the top of the room, but my mother had never complimented her, so it was bad in my eyes. If you can't do that at 1 What is good for a mother is that she chooses for her.
But because of the dream that I wanted to be a journalist Didn't want to be a lawyer Ming Yue took a chance at the university entrance exam. Pretending to not get a high score.
Finally, she went to study journalism at a small university. Which she was glad and willing At least she will be a journalist. As you want to be Any university
Mother clearly expressed disappointment. After that, Mother thought only to have Ming Yue take a civil service exam instead of working as a reporter. Which Mae sees as a career that is not as stable as a civil servant Mother still plans her life in stages. เดิมพันออนไลน์
Until in the end, Ming Yue couldn't stand it, telling her directly that she couldn't stand it. And how uncomfortable Mom made her She told Mom everything in mind. Including things that she could not pretend to take
Ming Yue is a character in the Chinese drama Go Ahead, the series that gives doctors several examples of parenting.
All parents in the story love their children very much. But not everyone will understand their children. And manage stories Was suitable The parents in the series are real-life parents.
Especially in working as a children's psychiatrist for doctors. Meet Ming Yue's parents often.
Parents who raise children intervene in everything like this. English is called Over-involved parent Most parents are concerned with anxiety. And probably the need for perfectionist perfection doesn't like a lot of mistakes.

Parents like this don't trust that if they don't help their children decide. Will the child be able to do as well as the parents want or do? Parents will follow their children to observe and supervise matters. Even personal matters
But parents probably forgot to think that Parents cannot keep up with everything to think and make decisions for their children.
Children of parents who intervene too much Children may be in trouble when they have to really think about themselves. I can't think of Not confident in myself Because in the past we had to always rely on parents
Parents may say that the child is obedient and soft. You can do whatever you want. No mouth But there is always a deep conflict that children are afraid to speak and not dare to tell. There is a deep resistance
Many people, if suppressed, sometimes become an emotional behavior problem, and some who have always believed it immediately oppose it.
What parents think are best May not be suitable for our children Must look at the child's angle as well Children may be unhappy with what their parents have chosen for them.
Parents can usually worry or worry about their children. But do not forget to be conscious. Even though we are his parents But children must grow up to have their own life We cannot be with our children forever.